Buying Pro Hockey Stuff

Make sure the equipment protects you

Hockey is one of the fastest and most dangerous sports in the world and you can enjoy it on the field, street, high school gym, pond, and in the rink. If you're out for a fun game with the neighborhood kids you really only need a stick and a pair of skates or shoes, but once you get into any kind of organized game you should make sure that you are well protected at all times.

It's foolish to disregard any piece of hockey equipment because you may only be playing in a recreational or non contact league. Some of hockey's worst injuries occur in these games because players aren't always properly protected or prepared for any physical contact. You don't have to be on the receiving end of a body check to get seriously hurt. Pucks, skates and sticks are flying around at face level and a fall to the ice or into the boards can easily break your bones, badly bruise you or tear your ligaments. You don't have control over most of the action during a hockey game and you never know when you may be unintentionally hit by a body, hockey puck or stick, or even by the referee or a team mate.

There's no point in putting on a 20-year-old piece of equipment if it doesn't protect your body. If you're going to wear equipment make sure that it offers you the padding you need and that it fits you properly. Many hockey careers have been ended in a pickup or recreational game. The pros know how to protect themselves because it's their livelihood. You should protect yourself because it's your life.

Player Equipment - Sizing, Info, Recommendations


Shoulder Pads

Recommended: Itech, Recommended for Women: Louisville TPS 808 Female Shoulder Pads, Itech

Elbow Pads



Recommended for Women: Itech Style#HP6000W, TPS Luiosville Female 810 Pant, Tackla W880 Women's Pant

Shin Pads

Recommended for Women: Rage Women's Series Shin Guards-DR


What is your shoe size?


The height of the stick should reach to your chin when you have your skates on.


Jock/jill, neck guard, mouth guard, wrist guard, and shin straps are all optional (except in some leagues the neck guard and mouth guard are mandatory) and should fit comfortably.

Recommended for Women: WSI Women's HockeyJOC short, Women's Short With Pelvic Protector-ITECH, ITECH Jill Mesh Short with pelvic protector

Hockey equipment has kept up with the changes and it is now built for the modern day player. The equipment is now manufactured out of stronger and lighter materials such as Kevlar and graphite and more comfort and protective padding has been added. Some articles of hockey equipment such as helmets and hockey masks are government tested to help prevent concussions.

Most other articles of hockey equipment are now bigger and stronger than ever but are also lighter. You can be fully protected from head to toe if you buy the necessary accessories such as mouthguards, throat protectors and ankle guards.

Some hockey purists say that equipment makers may have gone too far in their eagerness to keep up with the times and are blaming certain articles of equipment for causing serious injury because of their strength and hardness.

Hockey is one of the fastest and roughest sports in the world so you should comfortably try and protect as many body parts as you can without hindering your movement and flexibility. But remember, hockey equipment is worn to protect you from the hazards of the game. It should never be used to try and injure an opponent.

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