Goalie Accessories

A goalie's best friends

Goalie Jocks

Goaltenders face a higher risk of getting "hit where it hurts" because goalies face about 30 shots a game.

Itech Hockey Jock

The goalie jock comes in various sizes from junior to senior. The athletic supporters have adjustable leg straps and waist bands which hold a removable banana shaped cup. Cups are usually made of reinforced lightweight plastic with the addition of shock absorbent foam. Ensure the jock also protects the pelvic area.

The price range is anywhere from about $20.00 for a junior model goalie jock to over $100.00 for a senior goalie jock.

Throat Collar

CCM Throat Colar

Goalie's need to protect their throats from hockey pucks, sticks, skate blades and any other part of a player's body which could cause injury. These collars protect your neck and clavicle areas.

A throat collar is mainly made out of shock absorbing foam and covered by waterproof nylon material. It has neck straps which allow you to adjust the fit. Some models come with a ventilated undershirt attached. There are also padded neckguards which just fit around the neck area and clear plastic neckguards.

Neckguards cost about $12.00 (clear plastic models $25.00) and throat protectors range in price from approximately $30.00-$50.00.

Thigh Boards/Pads

CCM Thigh Pads

A lot of goalies are wearing thigh pads for extra protection. Thigh pads are usually made of foam and plastic with a waterproof nylon covering. Some models also protect the goalie's knees. There is also a knee lifter which can be added to the knee landing area of the pad. These keep the goalie's legs parallel to the ice which relieves stress from the hips and the knee joints. The thigh and knee pads cost approximately $25.00 -$60.00 and the lifters cost about $15.00.

Straps, Etc.

The wear and tear on goalie equipment often means their straps and buckles break. Most straps are replaceable, including leg pads and masks. Cages for masks are also replaceable.

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