Goalie Chest Protectors

Get your body behind the save

Reebok Goalie Chest Protector

A goalie's chest protector is designed to protect the upper body including the spine, arms, clavicle and shoulders. It's similar to a player's shoulder pads, but the goalie's chest protector extends lower. It has molded bicep and forearm protectors built in. Most models protect the elbows down to the wrists. It's vital to protect your chest and heart area while tending goal.

Itech Goalie Chest Protector, reverse view

Chest pads are generally made of nylon wrapped around layers of foam or harder plastic padding. They are designed to deaden the hockey puck which enables you to control rebounds easier. Some chest protectors have removable sleeves and stomach flap extensions, which you can lower to protect your abdomen. The neck can be partially protected by moving the flap upwards. Chest protectors should be breathable to allow air to circulate and keep the goalie dryer and cooler.

Chest pads range in size, from small to extra large, to fit goalies of all shapes and sizes. You need to find a chest protector which gives you excellent protection plus freedom of movement. Make sure it fits you properly, protects all of the areas it's supposed to and allows you to move around without hindrance.

Chest protectors, like most goalie equipment, doesn't come cheaply, but it is a vital piece of equipment that must not be overlooked. Prices on chest protectors range from approximately $100.00 to over $400.00. The investment is well worth it.

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