Goalie Gloves

For catching, and blocking


The trapper is the goalies catching glove and is a vital piece of equipment. The glove should fit snugly and meet the bottom part of the chest protector so there are no gaps or unprotected areas of the arm.

Mission Trapper Glove Outer

Mission Trapper Glove Inner

Remember the goalie glove is also used when stickhandling and shooting so ensure it isn't too stiff. It will take time to break in a new glove. The trapper consists of an oversized webbed catching pocket, a molded thumb area and individual finger sockets (which are foam padded).

The trapper goalie glove averages about two to three pounds in weight and is made of lightweight synthetic leather and nylon. Many trappers have internal adjustable gloves.

They come in various colors and sizes and range in price from about $100.00 to $400.00. Brian's and Brown are two lesser known manufacturers of quality goalie gloves.


Itech Blocker Glove

The blocker is worn on the goalie's stick hand. It has a padded leather or synthetic leather palm to hold a stick. On the back it has a wide, solid blocker to stop and deflect shots. A goalie blocker is similar to regular hockey gloves but it has a blocker added to its back.

The blocker is designed to protect the hand and the wrist from injury. They are a little lighter than the trapper and weigh about two pounds. The goalie gloves are usually a high-density foam construction with a soft core to retain its shape, stiffness, and protection. It should have mesh lining on the back to allow air flow.

Blockers come in various sizes and colors and range in price from about $40.00 to $250.00

Goalie Inner Glove

These thin gloves fit inside of the trapper and are aimed at providing durability, grip and extra wrist support. They come in various sizes and cost about $20.00.

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