Goalie Leg Pads

Stack the pads while making a save

Itech Goalie Leg Pads

Goalie leg pads are arguably the most important pieces ofequipment on a goalie. The pads are designed to cover the legs from a fewinches above the knee to just above the skates. You need goal pads that give you maximum protection, but whicharen't going to weigh you down when plating. Goalies need to have quick reflexesand be fast on their feet especially when falling to and rising from the ice. Goalie leg pads have to fit properly to be effective and to protect you andthey should also be comfortable at the same time.

The best, and really the only way, to find the right size of goalie leg pads, is to try them on. Make sure when you try on a pair of goal pads that you are wearing your skates. Your knees should rest in the middle of the knee pads when you are kneeling down. Some goalies like their pads to be an inch or two shorter than normal for increased maneuverability and agility.

Goalie good leg pads are made primarily out of lightweight foam and synthetic leather. The leather keeps them moisture free and lightweight and allows goaltenders to better control their rebounds. Nylon pads will often cut easily and get heavy with moisture. Most goal pads also have extra padding in the knee and thigh areas. You should also have proper support for your inner knees and calves. In addition, there are two types of toes currently used on goal pads and this will be a personal preference. Open toes with a leather strap is the traditional style and a newer style is a closed or bridged toe with a lace. The closed toe style generally provides a little more protection and it usually a more custom fit.

Goalies don't always play the same style of game. Some are stand up goalies and some prefer to play the butterfly style. Make sure that you find a pair of pads that are built for, and suit, your playing style. Most of the large hockey equipment manufacturers such as Bauer hockey equipment, CCM, Itech, Falcon, Flarrow, Flite, Mission, Montreal, Reebok, Sher-Wood, Tour and TPS-Louisville make a line of goalie leg pads as do goal equipment manufacturers such as Brian's, Battram, Brown, Don Simmons, DR, Eagle, Gould, Heaton, Jackson, Jossa, McKenney, Litespeed, Miller, Mitchell, Miklin, Olie, Rey, Smith, Viper, Yekcoh and Vaughn. If you aren't satisfied with any of the goalie leg pads you find at the sports store there are many goaltending equipment manufacturers out there that will custom design and build a pair for you.

Goalie pads come in an assortment of colors and range in size from approximately 26-34 inches long. They also come in different widths and it's a good idea to make sure that your pads are of legal size for the league you play in before buying them. They range in price from about $70 for beginner goalie leg pads to over $1,000 for the serious netminder. You should also make sure that your leg pads are made for the type of hockey you play. If you are playing ice hockey you need ice hockey pads not inline or street hockey pads. If you aren't wearing the appropriate equipment it will quickly deteriorate and you may severely injure yourself.

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