Goalie Pants

Help cover the five hole

Goalie pants need to protect your hips, thighs, tailbone, abdomen, groin, kidneys and spine. The pants are usually made of nylon or polyester coated exterior filled with foam and plastic padding and padded inserts. The foam helps deaden the hockey puck enabling you control the rebounds. The nylon shell makes them moisture resistant and keeps them lightweight during a game.

CCM Goalie Pants

Goalie pants are quite similar to regular hockey pants, but are sometimes a little shorter to give more flexibility and to make sure they keep clear of the leg pads. However, goalie pants have more padding in them for extra protection. A good pair of pants should have solid front of the leg protection. The back of most goalie pants is generally not as well padded. However, they should provide you with good tailbone protection. Some newer style pants have moorings for kneepads although most kneepads fit without lacing them in, so this is not a requirement.

You must make sure the pants fit properly and allow you enough room to move freely when fully dressed. Ideally you also want a pair that gives you the maximum amount of net coverage with a minimal amount of bulk and weight. Because of this, some goalies actually wear oversized pants for more net coverage. However, make sure they are not too large as they may interfere with your other equipment. You need a pair that gives you enough room for your chest protector …so that you have maximum flexibility and agility while dropping to the ice and getting back up.

When trying on a pair of pants for sizing you should also wear your leg pads to make sure the pads don't push the pants upward as you move around. You should also be able to kneel in the pants without them pushing up.

Most goalie pants have an adjustable belt attached to them for a snug fit, but you may also use suspenders to hold them up if you want to wear the belt a little looser. The pants should have a vented mesh front area to allow air to circulate through them and to help them dry quickly. Goalie pants should also come equipped with large five-hole rolls, with internal padding, which allow goalies to quickly close their legs and minimize openings in the five-hole (between the legs) area. Some goalie pant models also have an outer belly flap attached to them.

Goalie pants come in various sizes and colors and cost approximately between $50.00 and $300.00. Most of the large hockey equipment manufacturers such as Bauer hockey equipment, CCM, Itech, Flite, Reebok, Sher-Wood, Tour and TPS-Louisville make a line of goalie pants as do goal equipment manufacturers such as Brian's, Brown, Don Simmons, Gould, Jackson, Jossa, McKenney, Miller, Miklin, Rey, Tackla, Yekcoh and Vaughn.

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