Skate Accessories

Small items, but a big help

Hockey Skate Guards

Skate guards are placed on your blades to protect them from nicks and to protect the blades from cutting you or any of your other equipment. Make sure you dry your blades thoroughly before placing them on your skates. There are plastic, nylon and rubberized guards. Only the plastic ones are made for walking on. They cost about $10.00.

Hockey Ankle Guards

If you are a defenseman who blocks shots or a forward who likes to get in front of the goalie to screen him you may want to protect your ankles with extra padding. Foot and ankle guards are available and come in a variety of models .They are pretty easy to attach to your skates and they won't add much extra weight to your foot. They are made from a combination of foam, plastic and synthetic leather. They cost approximately $40.00 to $65.00.

Hockey Skate Laces

There are different types of laces. Some are made of polyester and some are a waxed covered lace. The wax laces hold the tension better when your skate is laced up and the laces hold up better when they get wet. They are also less likely to stretch. If you wear your skates often you may find your hands or fingers are starting to callous from tying your skates. If this happens try a different type of lace. As your skates warm up while playing the laces may expand on the inside slightly. Your feet may also swell a little when playing, so you may have to re-tie your skates after the game has started. Make sure you don't tie them too tight as they can cut into your blood circulation and make your feet feel numb. Laces come in a variety of colors and lengths. Laces cost about $3.00.

Hockey Lace Hooks

These small hooks are used for tying your skates. They are little metal hooks that give you a better grip and leverage when tying your skates. These cost about $3.00.

Skate Sharpening Stones

These are small stones which you run along the edge of your skate blades forsharpening skates. They cost about $5.00.

Hockey Skate Insoles

These can be used for moisture control, odor control or added comfort. They will fit into the skate and your foot will be placed on top pf them. They are lightweight and made of cloth or rubber. They cost approximately between $8.00 and $20.00.

Hockey Toe Protector

This is a tar like substance that you apply to the toe of the skate to give it extra hardness and protection. It costs about $7.00.

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