Hockey Stick Accessories

Pamper your hockey sticks

There are a few accessories that are aimed at extending the life and modification of your hockey stick.

Hockey Stick Curver

The Hockey Stick Curver is a small, vice-like, metal device which allows players and goalies to custom curve their hockey stick blade after heating. It allows for precision curving and it can curve your blade the same way every time. A hockey stick curver can also straighten out over-curved blades.

Hockey Stick Tape

Hockey Tape is usually black or white friction-type tape, however team colors are available. Hockey tape is used on the stick shaft to form a knob to grip your stick. Hockey tape is also wrapped around the blade for protection and better puck control. Regular tape usually holds moisture making the glue break down and the tape unravel. Additionally, there is rubberized hockey tape with grip texture aimed at lasting longer than regular tape as it resists water and grips better.

Liquid Hockey Tape

Liquid Hockey Tape is a gritty type of liquid which comes in a can. You simply brush it on your stick's bare or taped blade, and knob, for a better grip.

Hockey Stick Blade Spray

This is a canned spray that is designed to waterproof and toughen the tape on your stick.

Hockey Stick Grip Wax

This is a wax that players rub onto the blades of their sticks to help grip the puck better and to keep moisture off the blade.

Hockey Stick Rubber Sleeve

This is a textured molded rubber sleeve which may be used on your hockey stick instead of tape. The sleeve stretches over the blade forming a tight durable seal.

Hockey Stick Rubber Knobs

These are rubberized knobs that are placed on the tip of your hockey stick's shaft where you grip it. Basically, they just save you from taping a knob on your stick. If you are comfortable with a rubber knob you can have the same sized knob on all of your sticks. Hockey stick rubber knobs are a quick alternative if you are pressed for time.

Hockey Stick Shaft Extensions

Shaft extensions are wooden additions that fit on to your hockey stick and can lengthen the shaft of your aluminum hockey stick.

Hockey Stick Bags

Zippered hockey stick bags designed to protect your hockey stick can be used by individuals or by the whole hockey team as some bags hold up to 24 sticks.

Hockey Stick Lie Detector

A hockey stick lie detector is a synthetic blade that attaches to a shaft, to allow you to measure the proper lie and ensure the proper hockey stick sizing.

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