Hockey Stick Brands

Stick to the best

There are certainly many options available to players looking for the perfect hockey stick. With all of the different hockey stick brands available it would be almost impossible not to find one to your liking, but for the fussy or hard-to-please hockey player, it can also mean a lot of experimenting and research. Most companies manufacture a selection of wood hockey sticks and composite hockey sticks as well as stick blades and stick shafts. However, with the popularity of the composite hockey stick, some smaller manufacturers are concentrating on producing a few select composite models only.

There are some well-known and large manufacturers which have been around for years, such as CCM, Sher-Wood, Nike, Reebok, Montreal, Kitchener, Louisville hockey sticks, Easton hockey sticks, Christian Brothers and Bauer hockey sticks, and some relative newcomers to stick making, such as Ballistik Tundra hockey sticks and Mission. There are also some other hockey stick brands on the market that may not be as well known as the larger companies, but are still making some solid hockey sticks. Some of these companies include Trilage, Salming, Busch, Falcon, Ferland, Flarrow, Flite, Fury, Harrow, Innovative, Rebellion and Tour.

Most of the equipment manufacturers such as Bauer, CCM, Christian, Falcon, Ferland, Flarrow, Itech, Kitchener, Montreal, Muskoka, Reebok, Sher-Wood and TPS-Louisville also make a line of goal sticks as do goal equipment manufacturers such as Brian's, Eddy, Gould, Heaton, Maltese and Vaughn.

If buying a hockey stick off of the rack doesn't appeal to you there are numerous outfits such as Black Beauty who deal in custom made sticks. You may need to do a little research and hunting to find a custom hockey stick manufacturer close to you or you may want to contact one of the big manufacturers and see if they can help you out with a custom model.

When comparing hockey stick brands and manufacturers you should of course compare the price and quality of the sticks, but you should also check to see what type of guarantee or warranty comes with the stick. Because hockey is such a rough and unpredictable game it's understandable why manufacturers usually don't place a warranty on their wood hockey sticks. However, if you are shelling out $100 or more for a composite stick, you should get some type of warranty with it. Just because your hockey stick is made out of some of the most technologically advanced materials and methods around, it doesn't mean it won't break on you.

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