Hockey Stick Taping

Get a better grip on your stick and the puck

Hockey tape keeps moisture off the stick and keeps the hockey puck from sliding off your blade. You also need to tape a knob on the handle of your stick to keep it from sliding out of your hand. Defensemen often prefer a larger knob so it won't slide out of their hand while pokechecking.

To save hockey tape and give you a better knob, unravel about 12 inches of tape from the roll and then twirl the roll. This causes the tape to tighten into a like shape. Starting at the top of your stick, roll the hockey tape around the shaft, as far down as you'd like it to go. Some players even roll this tape halfway down their blades so their lower hand can get a stronger grip while stickhandling and shooting.

This of hockey tape will now serve as the foundation for your knob. Now roll the tape the same way when taping a blade over this foundation to give you the thickness you would like. You should have a knob thick enough so you can pick up your stick if you drop it, but not too thick so it interferes with stickhandling.

When taping your hockey blade most players start at the heel and tape towards the toe in one continuous strand. Make sure the hockey tape is flat against the blade so it doesn't bubble or create folds while taping. If using a wooden stick it's also a good idea to tape the stick just above the point, where the shaft meets the blade, for reinforcement as this is a common area for breakage. After taping you may want to use hockey stick wax or a rubber gripping type tape on the blade to ward off moisture and get a better grip on the puck. Bobby Orr used to tape only two inches of his blade while other players tape their blade from heel to toe.

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