Hockey Stick Types

Ice hockey


Wooden sticks are the cheapest on the market and allow you the most options in modification by cutting down the shaft, sanding the blade etc. These modifications allow you to customize your stick for comfortability. Wood sticks tend to break easier and are heavier and stiffer than composite brands. The wood may also bend or warp after extended use.


These sticks are now used by about 85 percent of NHL players. They come in one piece or two piece sticks, with a shaft and replaceable blades. They are much lighter and more flexible than wood sticks but are more expensive. There are currently many companies that will also custom make a stick for you. The main problem with composite sticks is their tendency to break. Remember they are built to shoot the puck harder not for longevity.

Types of composite:

Inline/Ball/Street Hockey

Any of the above sticks may be used for these sports but remember the surface you are playing on is rougher than ice so your blades will wear out quicker. Many street hockey players use inexpensive plastic blades attached to a shaft.

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