Hockey Drills for Winning Success

This site is dedicated to those who want to be better hockey players or goalies. Each month we update this section to feature drill(s) for hockey players and goalies. We welcome your feedback on how they work for you.

Drill of the Month -- for Goalies

One-Timer Across

One-Timer Across Diagram

Drill of the Month -- for Players

Cut Across

Cut Across Diagram

If you want to get started with a lot of drills, we recommend the following books as excellent resources.

  1. Hockey Drill Book - by a coach, for coaches. 200 drills including a chapter specifically for goalies, plus sample practice plans. I find this to be a great resource when looking for a drill for a specific skill you want to improve.
  2. The Hockey Play Book: Teaching hockey systems -- Another great resource for coaches. This great book shows you how to capitalize on your team's strengths and develop a system that works.
  3. Training for Speed, Agility, and Quickness -- This is an excellent reference for off-ice agility drills. It doesn't have hockey-specific drills, as it does other sports, but if you do any of the drills that mimic your on-ice skating, it will definitely help. It did for me!

I personally prefer Hockey Drill Book because it's a no-nonsense handbook with just diagrams and explanations, but they are all good.

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