Hockey Bags

One convenient carrier for your equipment

Once you have all of your hockey equipment you need a bag that is strong and big enough to carry it around in. Most bags, sometimes called hockey lockers, come with different heavy-duty zippered compartments. The centre compartment is the largest area to hold your gear in the bag, there is a smaller compartment at each end of the bag and compartments on the side of the bag to hold your skates.

Some hockey bags now have Velcro added stick pockets and believe it or not, cell phone pockets. Many companies are now making bags with wheels on them so you don't have to carry them by their shoulder straps. These can sometimes add quite a bit of weight to the bag though, and it's often difficult trying to wheel a 50 pound equipment bag through two feet of snow. A lot of the newer models feature mesh panels for ventilation.

Equipment bags are sometimes made with rubberized bottoms to make them last longer. Some come with internal toiletries compartments and even a removable laundry bag.

Most bags are made of water resistant nylon or polyester and there are a few top of the line leather bags available. Goalies, with all of their equipment need to purchase larger goalie bags.

Hockey Equipment bags come in various sizes and colors and can range in price from about $30-$100. You can also purchase separate bags for your face shield and helmet. CCM, Mission, and Itech are some of the leading bag manufacturers.

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