Hockey Jerseys

Part of the player's uniform

Anyone can dress like their favorite NHL stars by wearing their team's hockey jerseys, sometimes called hockey sweaters. There are a few types of jerseys available for inline, street, and ice hockey:

Practice hockey jerseys are usually made out of a thinner polyester mesh material. They come with or without team logos and in all colors.

Replica jerseys are a replica of NHL jerseys and other pro jerseys and they are usually built stronger than practice jerseys with reinforced elbows and shoulders.

Authentic NHL jerseys are top-of-the-line pro-knit versions that are also reinforced and come with tie-downs which is a "fight strap" on the inside back of the jersey.

Of course you don't even have to be a hockey player to wear a hockey jersey. Many fans wear them to games and some people like to collect replica jerseys and old style design jerseys from the past. However, if you are a hockey player it's a good idea to own at least two practice jerseys, preferably a white one and a dark one. You should also make sure that one of them is always fresh and dry as it's not a good idea to wear a wet jersey on the cold ice.

Make sure that your hockey jersey is large enough to fit over the top of your equipment. The jersey shouldn't restrict your movement in any way and a goaltender's jersey should be bigger than a forward's or defenseman's jersey. However, some hockey leagues have rules on the size of goalie jerseys so you should make sure you check these out before buying your jerseys.

Your jersey should also be made out of a material that allows you to stay cool while playing and it should ideally be made out of a lightweight material so it doesn't weigh you down. You don't want to wear a hockey jersey that soaks up the moisture during a game.

You can also have your favorite player's name and number sewn on the back of the NHL and replica hockey jerseys. Replica sweaters and authentic jerseys come with team logos, and sewn in crests, and are a heavier material than practice jerseys. You may also custom design your own jerseys at most sports and clothing stores.

Practice hockey jerseys start at about $15, replicas about $65 and you can pay anywhere up to $300 for an authentic or game worn NHL jersey. CCM, Reebok and Nike are the two most popular jersey suppliers. Reebok is also is the exclusive licensee of the National Hockey League for authentic and replica jerseys.

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