Hockey Socks

Used to cover your shin pads

Hockey team socks are another area where youngsters can dress just like their favorite pro players as hockey socks can be bought in all NHL team colors and designs. Solid colors can also be purchased from most sport stores. Hockey socks are not really socks as we generally know them. They are more like leg warmers really as they are basically open ended tubes that are designed to cover your shin guards while playing.

Hockey socks are usually made from a combination of cotton and polyester. They fit from your feet to above your shin pads. Make sure that your socks are long enough as you don't want any bare skin showing on your upper thigh between your hockey shin pads and under your pant legs. The socks also have to be wide enough to fit over your shin pads without restricting your movement in any way. For some reason it's often hard to find large hockey socks in most sports stores. If you can't find a pair that is big enough for you don't be afraid to ask the store to order some from the manufacturer.

Your socks should be lightweight as you don't want any added weight if possible as your equipment will weigh enough. You don't want your legs to become hot and sweaty while you are playing either so look for a pair that is well ventilated. The socks should also be comfortable and not itchy or irritating to your skin. Make sure that you wash your socks regularly to keep them smelling and feeling fresh.

You can hold up your hockey socks by garters, athletic supporters, Velcro straps or tape. They do tend to rip quite easily and you may go through a few pairs of them per season. It's a good idea to keep your socks away from your skate blades when in your equipment bag or they may rip right away. It's recommended that you use an older pair of socks or practice socks for practices, not your team socks as they may quickly become torn. You should really have a couple of pairs of socks in your hockey bag at all times and you shouldn't wear a pair of wet hockey socks on the ice.

Not all hockey equipment manufacturers make hockey socks. However, Athletic Knit and Kobe are two of the more popular brands. Hockey socks come in various sizes and colors and cost about $15 for a pair.

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