Protective Hockey Gear

Pad all of your parts

The game of hockey hasn't changed too much over the past few decades; actually it really hasn't changed much over the past 75 years. The game is essentially the same, the rinks, unfortunately, are the same size and while there have been a few rule changes here and there nothing drastic has taken place.

Where the game has evolved is the hockey player. Today's players are bigger, stronger, and faster and seem to physically mature at a younger age. With the evolution of the hockey player comes the evolution of hockey equipment. With players skating on razor sharp skate blades, firing hockey pucks at 100 mph and dishing out bone crushing checks, you need to make sure you are well protected. Hockey equipment has kept up with the changes and is now built for the modern day player.

The equipment is now manufactured out of stronger materials such as Kevlar and graphite and more padding has been added. Helmets and masks are government tested to help prevent concussions. Most other articles of equipment are now bigger and stronger but also lighter. You can be protected from head to toe if you buy accessories such as mouthguards, throat protectors and hockey ankle guards.

Some purists say equipment makers may have gone too far in their eagerness to keep up with the times and are blaming certain articles of equipment for causing serious injury because of its strength and hardness. Hockey is one of the fastest and roughest sports in the world so you should comfortably try and protect as many body parts as you can without hindering your movement and flexibility. But remember, hockey equipment is worn to protect you from the hazards of the game. It should never be used to try and injure an opponent.

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