Hockey Gear Brands

The leading hockey manufacturers

There are a lot of brands of hockey equipment on the market and some of the manufacturer's names are almost as famous as the hockey players themselves. There are also many companies who are relatively new to the hockey equipment game or not as well known as others. In fact, there are literally hundreds of manufacturers of hockey gear in North America alone.

Some of these manufacturers make all types of player and goalie equipment for inline and ice hockey players while other companies specialize in certain products such as goalie equipment, goalie masks, skates, sticks or accessories. Some manufacturers make ice hockey gear only while others produce equipment strictly for inline hockey or street hockey. There are also some manufacturers who produce lines of womens hockey equipment.

Some of the oldest and most dependable manufacturers include CCM, Bauer hockey equipment, Sher-Wood, TPS-Louisville, Mission, Itech, Nike, Montreal, Easton hockey equipment, and Tour. Companies that specialize in manufacturing goaltender equipment include Vaughn, McKenney, Don Simmons, Mitchell, Miller, Miklin, Jossa, Rey, Gould, Jackson, Eagle, Eddy, Battram, and Brown. For inline hockey equipment and accessories, companies such as Labeda, Rink Rat, Black Biscuit, Cycko, Force, Hyper, Freesport, Rocket and Sure-Grip are some of the most popular.

You may have noticed that some well-known hockey manufacturers' names such as Koho and Jofa are missing, but that is only because these brands of equipment are now produced under the Reebok name. These brands, along with CCM, are divisions of The Hockey Company Holdings Inc., which is headquartered in Montreal, Canada. The company is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange and trades under the symbol HCY.

The Hockey Company also has operations in Europe and the United States, and it is the world's largest designer, manufacturer and marketer of hockey equipment and related apparel under three of the world's most recognized hockey brand names: CCM, Jofa and Koho. The Company is a world leader in the design and innovation of skates, sticks, helmets, protective equipment products and related apparel. However, if you prefer to buy your hockey equipment from, and support some of the smaller companies out there you will find many of them to choose from. When buying hockey equipment and accessories though, you should really take the best piece of equipment for your needs, no matter who it was made by. Protection should really be the number one priority when you are on the ice.

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