Hockey Jocks & Underwear

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Hockey Garters

Hockey garters are used for holding up your hockey socks. A garter is an elastic type band that goes around your waist and has four straps which hang down on the front and back of each leg. At the end of each strap is a clip which attaches to the sock. One side of the clip goes inside your sock and the other side of the clip attaches to the sock from the outside to hold it up. There are newer versions of the garter which use Velcro attachments instead of clips. Hockey garters cost about $12.

Hockey Jocks and Garters

Some recreational players may take the risk of playing without shoulder pads, but nobody would take the risk of playing without a jock. The jock is a removable protective cup designed to protect your crotch area. The cup inserts into a jock strap or athletic supporter. Some hockey jock straps come with built in garters which would allow you to hold up your socks too. This saves you from wearing two separate bands around your waist. Some companies are now making shorts with built in jocks and garters which combine everything in one piece of equipment. These are available in compression shorts and baggy style shorts. Itech is one of the leading manufacturers of this style of jock. Hockey jocks range in price from about $12-$40.

Hockey Underwear

Many companies are now making base layer garments to wear under your equipment. Most base layer clothing fits like a second skin. A snug fit means little if any material bunches and gathers around your armpits, crotch, elbows, etc. Your pads will fit better and mobility will be improved if the hockey underwear fits snugly. Some of these hockey undergarments include slash guards built into the sleeves and rubber grip pads that help keep your elbow pads from slipping up and down your arm. Most of these garments are made of fabrics which don't soak up your sweat and weigh you down with moisture. They can also help moderate your body's temperature. You can purchase short sleeve or long sleeve tops and shorts or long pants. Some of the leading manufacturers of hockey underwear are UnderArmor, TriFilar and Protex.

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