Women's & Girls' Hockey

It's not just a man's game

Women have been playing hockey for over 100 years now, but only in the past 10 years has it seen its popularity rise so dramatically. Women's hockey is one of the fastest growing sports in the world.

It is played by females of all ages and skill levels including recreational, minor, university, professional and Olympic hockey. There is even a Women's World Championship and over 10,000 fans attended the Gold Medal game in the 2004 final.

Women are not only playing the sport, but are also involved in coaching and training. There are now numerous female ice hockey and female inline/roller hockey leagues, in action, throughout the world and many females are playing with or against their male counterparts. A few females have even played in men's professional leagues.

The rules for female hockey are basically the same as male hockey, however most female leagues do not allow bodychecking.

There are numerous websites on female hockey all with links to many other sites. For more information on female hockey check out some of the sites below:

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