Women's & Girls' Hockey Equipment

Gear that's made for the female anatomy

Many female hockey players wear men's hockey equipment or unisex hockey equipment when they are playing the game. However, a lot of females are discovering that some of the world's leading equipment manufacturers such as ITECH/Mission, CCM and Louisville/TPS are now producing a female line of hockey equipment.

Women's specific equipment is designed specifically to fit the female anatomy, which means it fits better than men's gear and protects the needed areas. A better fitting piece of equipment will also help you perform at a higher level without sacrificing any of the protection needed. Female equipment is equal in protection, quality and design to men's elite equipment and costs about the same price.

It makes sense for women to wear protection that is designed for their body shape. Some of the female-specific equipment includes skates, pants, girdles, shoulder pads, compression shorts, tops and suits, pelvic protectors and gloves. Female goalie equipment, including sticks, is also available from some manufacturers such as Brown.

Like men's equipment, you must make sure that it is in good condition, is well padded and fits you properly. If the equipment isn't up to any of these standards you may find that your performance will be hindered and you may not be protecting yourself properly from the hazards of the game. You should also take care of your equipment properly by airing it out and drying it after games and practices. It's also a good idea to regularly clean hockey equipment to keep it fresh. Some items of equipment are made to be hand washed or dry cleaned and there are some anti-bacterial treatments available that will help keep the gear fresh smelling if it is sprayed on the equipment after each game and practice. There are also professional cleaning services available for women's and girl's hockey equipment.

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